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New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Here’s some of his dialogue: (These are all joking/amused comments, not stern). Let me know if you have any info that could help make these more accurate! Cait - I’ll be damned… are you seein’ this, or am I goin’ mad? Curie - Look, in the sky! That’s one thing you can count on. Well, not really. Codsworth: Godspeed, X6-88. As for the ages of Nate/Nora, according to Jack Cabot's dialogue and what they did in pre-war life, they were born somewhere from the early 2040s to mid 2050s. Wearing the bare minimum I see. I suppose I can’t be too dismayed. Mac is a random encounter. Did your chems just kick in or something? Lives are depending on it. In short the mod Iam requesting is actualy alternate start mod with integraded Nate/Nora as companion, and they have they own companion questline. Stealth, Blackwidow style. He is the template for creating a male character. Maybe Blitz and some VATS gunslingin', since I've never really attempted that kind of build in Fallout 4 before. Awkward silence or quality time? The reveal trailer showed Dogmeat, the canine companion who has appeared in every numbered Fallout game, sniffing around an abandoned house. Put on some pants at the very least. Can it be? Good day to you both.Preston: Take care, Codsworth. If you’re trying to impress me, it’s not going to work. He talks to himself and appears to have a genuine care for his craft. Nora is a lawyer and Nate is a veteran; some of the player’s (and their spouse’s) dialogue changes based on which gender they chose. Nora and Nate dimmed inside the closet, but Kellogg was an expert in binding people, even trying to scream but they were in an abandoned military base and no one would hear them. You wanna talk? *Nora's at level 30 at the end, no perks points used at any level while progress through story. I can’t imagine how long it’d take to sweep this place out. I'm inclined to believe that Nate is the cannon SS, and Nora is the cannon spouse that dies, because of the intro, etc. John Hancock - The hell? While the player is exploring the house, some objects bring different dialogue depending on the player’s gender. Until we meet again. / Heavens, that didn’t sound good. / What do you think? With you. I wonder who’s been keeping it up all this time. Danse -  I like to think his full name is Nate Howard, since his name was Mr. Howard in that one trailer.Nate and Nora Howard. Download it now for GTA San Andreas! Because I want to get pregnant AGAIN.”. I assure you, no harm will befall your mistress. Fallout 4 - NORA HATES & LOVES NATE - Full Romance Showcase of Nora Companion WIP for Xbox & PC. Death (optional) Despite a short struggle, Nate/Nora was shot dead by Kellogg and left in their cryo-chamber to rot, leaving the survivor spouse-less. Sir/Mum, I’d be remiss were I not to inform you of your bare-cheekedness. Just a Fallout (3, NV, 4, 76) enthusiast posting dialogue files, tips, and other interesting things. Us or him. At some point, he married Nora and they had a son, Shaun in 2077. Someone could make a statue out of you like that. Basically, yes it's canon and the default name(and backstory for Nate at least) doesn't matter. X6-88 - What is that? Makin’ me a little nervous over here. / Damn. It's just an RP thing as much as it is in FO4. Then out of the closet, they heard a shot and then the steps, and someone opened the closet, was Nick Valentine, "now free," Nick said as he released him from the ropes. I dare say, you’re leaving little to the imagination. Hmph. You’re going to blow a fuse or something. I trust you’ll do your best to put the safety of my mistress before your own personal gain?Piper: Of course, Codsworth. I don’t even feel the urge to clean. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. / We simply must investigate the crashed vessel. En Fallout 4 (PC), ¿hay alguna forma de cambiar para jugar como Nora, a mitad del juego, después de que ya hayas jugado como Nate?¿Esto romperá algo? Welcome Home If harm should befall her, I would be most disappointed.MacCready: Quit worrying, Codsworth. This incredible mod gives you an immersive Nora Companion that lets her survive Kelloggs gunshot.\\r\\rI showcase the quest of finding Nora within the Commonwealth, learn how she survived, and meet Codsworth with her. [Player spins mobile] That’s my boy. Her degree is on the shelf in the pre-war lounge. I'm thinking my next character will be a Nora. Codsworth: It’s an honour, sir, to know that the beloved mayor of Goodneighbor is taking my place.Hancock: Pleasure, Codsworth. You could name your Lone Wanderer or Courier "Asshat" and it will not the canon name. Maybe being on ice that long knocked a few of your marbles around? Oh please, take your time. “And miss the World Series on TV? Here’s the one for Codsworth! News is a bit hard to come by these days, what with the lack of luncheons, and no more GNN. Make sense because nate for example, is not the guy you are playing If you play a female, Nate is the canon male character. A ghoul would make a good bouncer. Nora: You’re gonna knock ‘em dead at the Veteran’s Hall tonight, hon. When I first booted, I just went for basic Nate, no changes, nothing. Could really use your weigh-in about now…, Would love to know your thoughts on the matter…. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Strong smash. Strong - How can metal fly? Sir/Mum, this news. You could catch a cold. Did you catch that? If you play a male, Nora is the canon female character. I've played as Nate and Nora and feel that Nate is the intended SS, like someone else said the Military opening and the fact that it felt wrong to be a mother who doesn't grab her baby to sprint to safety. Even if it means Tinker gets to say, “I told you so.”. I tried not to leave anything general, just stating ’late thirties’ or ‘early twenties,’ and instead made guesses at their exact ages. Don’t tell me you had the lad committed! Codsworth: And so it goes. Well, most of the time, anyway…. Nora's NPC version seems reserved in that sense. You should come and see this! Nora is hesitant to use the last of the Stimpaks – she just doesn’t know what would be best. Nakasumuko. Nah, people don’t go for that these days. I can see myself in that shine. Codsworth: Ah, Miss Curie. Ya’ll thought I was done with this? Codsworth - By Jove, did you see that? Nope the name of the player is never canon as you wrote yourself. Now get ready and stop hogging the mirror…. Codsworth: Well, he’s a brutish one. As the title says. (x). Are you performing some sort of psychological experiment? Really, it was very funny. [Player spins mobile] Hey, how’s my little guy? So good of you to agree to take my place. This meditation break brought to you by Hubris Comics. These are all rough estimates! I’m not sure this is the best way to promote the Minutemen…. Most of the dialogue options lead to the same response… but I think it’s still a cool option to have. For Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled ""Canon" Nate build? We need to see if anyone was hurt… right? Right? Hmm, can’t say I have. She does flatly state some lines like she is reading them from a cue card, yes, but I also attribute the lame dialogue to why either VA might sound bored. Of all the Fallout 4 companions, only MacCready has a cannon age. Nah. Uh. Some sort of streak of light… or maybe a vehicle of some kind. Do be mindful out there, Mister Deacon.Deacon: Always am, Codsworth. Let’s go kill it. May fortune favour the brave, my dear.Cait: You’re beginnin’ to get on me nerves, Codsey. You’re not going to like the sunburn you’re going to get. Here’s some of their dialogue! Edit: I counted 200 instead of 210 years in the vault. Ah, another lovely day in the Commonwealth. Paladin Danse - Did you see that? That’s what I need! Watch your step, sir/mum. Much better now, huh? Just soaking in the moment. Ad vic…victoriam, brother/sister…, Strong - (groan/roar) Aggh…Human…Stronger, X6-88 - Functions… terminated… / I can’t… can’t… / Not… like this…, Episode 9 of Fallout 4 Unique Character Designs features Mac, a cheerful bartender who sets up in some strange locations. EDIT: I'm also interested in hearing which of the two you think is the Sole Survivor. So much dirt and debris. A Fallout 4 origin story with a few game references. I believe not wearing clothes is considered taboo? But if Thursday nights are Ladies Nights, then when will we do the bar trivia? Companions When You’re Taking Too Long To Respond. That's just what I see from their NPC versions. I don’t actually think i’ve played as Nate since the very first day I got it. / Somethin’ just dropped out of the sky and I’m bettin’ it was carryin’ some nice little goodies for us. If I could just get my hands on a table, I think I can make some chairs out of cinder blocks pretty easily. / It attacks! Codsworth: Mister Garvey, I am sure you will take good care of my mistress. Worth checking out? Bars don’t get much cleaner than that. Did you ever realize Codsworth and Valentine were voiced by the same person?This man has voiced more in Fallout than any other individual. On his best behavior, just like his dad. While getting ready, a Vault-Tec representative visits the family with pre-approved admission into Vault 111. Nora is more consistent in her VA catalogue. If the player meets Father before meeting Codsworth, you have unique dialogue to explain what happened to Shaun! Piper Wright - Uh, you saw that too, right? * Most Safes, Suit Cases and Doors were not picked locked, so you should go back to every dungeon to loot everything, including magazines and holotapes. / That wasn’t Institute technology. You’re bearing all to the world, and then some. 1:21. / [Hesitant] No way anyone survived that. Now I can give him official Brotherhood titles in my shitty fanfiction! While Fallout 1 and 2 had pre-made characters you could choose from, none of them were ever confirmed to be canon (although I'm pretty sure the Vault Dweller was Albert Cole). (Post body-transfer)Codsworth: Miss Curie, do take the utmost care of my mistress. Codsworth: Mr. MacCready, please take care of my mistress. Although the staff mutinied and the Vault was left abandoned for decades, Nate, Nora, and Shaun were unfrozen in 2227 by one Conrad Kellogg, under the orders of The Institute. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. [impressed, but not too happy about it] An impressive bit of machinery… for communist wankers. Come on, just answer the door, and he’ll go away. EDIT: I'm also interested in hearing which of the two you think is the Sole Survivor. Codsworth: Sir? GTA San Andreas Fallout 4: NATE and NORA Mod was downloaded 567 times and it has 8.25 of 10 points so far. Well, now I just wanna know who’s going to give up first. I can hardly believe a place like this actually exists. Codsworth: Miss Wright. Loving this. Fallout Theme Fallout Fan Art Fallout 4 Mods Fallout New Vegas Fallout 4 Piper Vault 111 Post Apocalypse Cosplay Skyrim. When the Fallout 4 trailer was revealed, fans went crazy speculating story details and over-analyzing characters that appeared for seconds on-screen. Um… sir/mum? Saved by Akira Fudo. Strong confused. I’d appreciate a response, Knight/Paladin/Sentinel/Initiate. Nate says some lines with an incredibly heavy lisp making me think he wasn't that into Nora. Cept maybe his ugly mug would scare away paying customers. Nevertheless, one may always call their character Nate or Nora. Here’s some faces Mr. Russel is behind. If you didn't want a default canon name, make it Jane or Joe. The lookout at the USS Constitution says her profession is lawyer. You catch the plates on that one? Fallout 4 - NATE AND NORA VISIT DIAMOND CITY TOGETHER - Amazing Xbox & PC Nora Companion Mod - Duration: 11:47. theDeluxeSam 4,640 views. / [Hesitant] Oh god. It wasn't just the war that left scars. Fallout Dialogue — Nate and Nora’s Pre-War Dialogue. You know you aren’t wearing any pants, right? Sir/Ma’am, I think you need a rest. … Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a camera right now. Formulate that response. If it would not be too much trouble, can we continue? I know I can rest easy with someone of your skill at my mistress’ side.X6: She couldn’t be in better hands. Nate is a former soldier and decorated war hero who served in the 2nd Battalion, 108th Infantry Regiment of the U.S. Army during the Sino-American War. When players first start Fallout 4, they are given the choice between a male character and a female character. Yes, I think that these are the canon names because it wouldn't make much sense otherwise. Main article: Sole Survivor. You can find his bar set up at random locations. Why don’t you give it a spin? I like to fill long silences like this with my poetic musings. Nate is the husband of Nora, living in Sanctuary Hills in 2077. By their questline i mean different cutted/shorted/altered version of … The brief opening scene gives the player a look into their character’s life before it all goes (literally) up in flames. She earned a law degree at Suffolk County School of Law and planned to get a job with her degree following Shaun's birth.On the morning of October 23rd, 2077, Nate was preparing to go to an event at the Veteran's hall in Concord. You be the judge. Played for a few hours, got bored, deleted the save, and started again as Nora. A dart board! Problem is, real estate is real hard to come by in most of the major settlements. Perhaps we should see if anyone needs assistance? Vincent 'Nate' Hudson is due to marry Nora soon and his cousin Vaughn has arranged a bachelor party for him. Carve jack-o-lanterns.”, “Oh, right. Put something on at once. You’re not exactly acting normal. If you want to alter anything else without using mods I recommend you use Cheat Engine and pinospazzolino 's FALLOUT 4 TRAINER , it has an option to enable console, so go to his page and give some kudos love. She isn’t a doctor, not even a field medic. Maybe we should head over there and check it out. Nora: Absolutely. I know the world has ended, but certainly we ought to strive for a little common decency. Well, this makes it easy for me to conduct a physical inspection, at least. So, r/Fallout, I gotta ask, do you think it's canon that the Sole Survivor's name is Nate if male, and Nora if female? What was it? / We got to get to that crash site. At some point before 2077, she married Nate and had a child, Shaun. [Doesn’t like the idea of helping a Chinese Ghoul] Sir/Mum, I do hope you know what you’re doing helping this… captain. Jesus… Lucky for me, those two things go hand in hand. Remarkable. But seriously, sir/mum. Nate and Nora have 4 in every special attribute and their looks are vanilla presets. Never was there a more suitable replacement.Curie: So gracious of you, Monsieur Codsworth. ". Preston Garvey - What the hell? I know I’m not that boring. Nate’s breath huffs against her neck as Nora lowers him onto the Overseer’s chair. I wonder if I could get more customers if I hired some busty waitress? Mum? Codsworth: Mister Valentine, I couldn’t have picked a more worthy replacement.Nick: Codsworth, you flatter me. I'm totally fine with the names of Nate and Nora because frankly no fallout protagonist's name will canonically your name(unless it coincides). A state-of-the-art subreddit from Vault-Tec. I did my best to estimate the rest, and referenced this reddit page as well. He's asking if the SS is really named Nate/Nora in canon. Don’t leave me hanging. But Nate is the one on the edge of death, with a hole through his chest. *Nate's at level 33 at the end, no perks points used at any level while progress through story. Not trying to come off as sexist either! You take care of yourself. Other lines he says with a more confident masculinity. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. A residence untouched by time? Your fashion choice there, that takes some chutzpah. Nate's NPC version just seems to fit the Fallout 4 build and classic Vault dweller who turns into the messiah of the waste better than Nora. I suppose the red bastards deserve some credit for the state of this submarine. Suggest writing prompts and ask questions! In the middle of a conversation here. I have to admit I'm way more used to Nate's dialogue, though. This room’s a sight for sore sensors. Fallout 4 - NORA SURVIVES - Finding Nora Quest & Meeting Codsworth Together - Amazing Xbox & PC Mod. Shall I lube the old joints while you’re away?Strong: Robot stop squawking. Abstract, ideally. Though I guess we ought to make sure…. Fallout 4 is the first game to give a default name to your player characters, and even a backstory to both of them no matter which you choose. Codsworth: Ah, Miss Cait! The park. 54. Nate is. / Wow… that sounded like quite a crash. Now can you please get dressed? I trust you’re fully capable of handling your new body?Curie: But of course, Monsieur Codsworth. Hey, I just fixed that mobile on his crib the other day. Keep it real. I actually do have all day. But where would I hang it? #fallout 4 #before the bombs #nate and nora #nate #nora #nick valentine #sanctuary #sanctuary hill #brotherhood of steel #the railroad #the minutemen #the institute #shaun fallout 4 #bethesda #dogmeat #codsworth #mayor hancock #john hancock #hancock #before the vault #vault 111 #the memory den #kellogg #vlifemovies We should investigate. Deacon - What in the hell is that? Relive the whole Fallout 4 Story with Nate and Nora by each others side. Let’s go find where it crashed. But maybe that data is old. Look, sir/ma’am, no offense, but I think you’ve lost your mind. Whichever is not chosen will become an NPC, either named Nate or Nora. Codsworth: Replaced by man’s best friend. Nick Valentine - Good god. Nice. I’m not that easy. Netflix Announces 'Love Is Blind' Cast Reunion to Reveal Which Couples Have Stayed Together. Well, if they weren’t dead before… you wanna take a look? [Seeing an office with chairs arranged in a circle] I’ve the most incredible urge to rearrange those chairs in a more perfect circle. 10:01. Fallout 4 is the first game to give a default name to your player characters, and even a backstory to both of them no matter which you choose. Codsworth: All my hopes go with you for a successful mission, Paladin Danse.Danse: Sure, Codsworth… thanks. [almost pleadingly] Okay sir/ma'am, good joke. RJ MacCready - Woah! You can change that in the vault elevator. Is that where young Shaun is? I wanted to make a post for the dialogue between companions when you swap them, but that would be absurdly lengthy, so instead I made 13 posts; one for each companion’s dialogue when someone new is recruited instead of them. Get some clothes on, you’re embarrassing us. You see that? Zonexat. Nate has some dialogue in the pre-war part, as well as in the holotape. / Sounds like something crash landed… we should investigate immediately. Aha. So, r/Fallout, I gotta ask, do you think it's canon that the Sole Survivor's name is Nate if male, and Nora if female? If you’re going to walk around naked all the time, we need to talk. No offense. 11:47. Sentinel Howard, I like the sound of that. Well, that doesn’t leave much to the imagination now, does it. So I figured, why not start out here, huh? Every companion except Dogmeat will comment on the UFO; once when it flies past, then again when it crashes. Nate/Nora Companion Questline - posted in Fallout 4 Mod Requests: What is all about. So here we are. Fallout 4 | Nate & Nora. Scare off troublemakers with that scratchy voice. A well thought out response is always best. Yoohoo. I never imagined our reunion to be… quite like this. Some fans took his appearance to mean that we would be taking control of Dogmeat for the first time … Hope you’re not expectin’ me to take my kit off too. He means the names. How many tables can I have before I need to hire a waitress, I wonder. Not going to happen.”, “Will it be like that night in the park a year ago?”, “Let’s get pumpkins instead. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

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