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CPS makes parents jump through hoops to try to get their children back. Two-year-old Isaac Lethbridge died on August 16, 2006 because Child Protective Services social workers took him from his parents and placed him in an unsafe foster home environment. Visit Linda Jo Martin, Book Lady's profile on Pinterest. I lost contact with my son six years ago, he had gon to jail and I had moved. I just found this press release about a Scottish grandparent group. Please pray and rely on Lord Jesus to guide you and heal your broken heart, because that’s what He does: Psalm 34:18 and Isaiah 61:1. It seems they have the same kinds of problems that we here in the USA do, regarding rights to be with grandchildren and interference by CPS in what should be normal and natural family relationships. I would never do something like that but I understand where they might be coming from ya know. If I get lawyer do you think I have a good chance for appealing this case. Both of my children were placed with my parents. Hi Linda Jo in need of some answers? Nobody needs to agree with me. Edit: This is a public group, and though it was created as a support system for "parents fighting CPS," all are welcome. 6. They eventually had to give up because their granddaughter was lost to them forever. Can a grandparent file for emergency custody? They have now made me take a parental fitness evaluation which they have said was bad. Every state has variances of CPS in one form or another. I want to Sue the state of WA AND CPS and whoever is part of causing this mess of my life. Parental rights of all parents were terminated last month. August 5, 2011 By Linda Jo Martin 32 Comments. Without legal custody, grandparents may find themselves unable to take advantage of certain benefits their grandchildren may be entitled to or provide proper medical care. He works in California. Pray for inspiration! The author is correct, not only can it go against what you believe to be the best interests of the children, it can leave both parents out of the childâs life altogether. I’m so sorry, Shirley – what has happened to your grandchildren, I wonder. Thank You Sandra. 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Cps in the state of hawaii took all 4 of my grandkids from at the end of October 2020 they been living with me from the beginning of Feb 2019. Second, grandparents who have had some type of legal custody are in a stronger position if parents regain custody and decide to cut off the grandparents' access to their grandchildren, … A grandparent can fight for custody if the circumstances are right. When you hope to win a CPS case without the assistance of an attorney, it’s important that you have a thorough understanding of the laws that dictate how Child Protective Services is required to behave. I have been researching and talking to local attorney and he said with their law firm the statue of limitations would only allow to get damages from a rape case. A CPS case is unlike any other family law matter. Cys took my grandbabies from the father he abused them my daughter is incarcerated they wont let her see or talk to her children. The worker also took me away from them in the beginning only giving me 15 min a month visits because they asked for me too much. This kind of experience eliminates our abilities to trust anyone, especially our government. They then deemed my home unsafe, I was dumbfounded! Grandparents who find themselves in one of the situations described above should be aware of the different types of grandparent custody. Though many state statutes are similar, state courts may apply statutory provisions differently. CPS officials say if the Normans had been close to the children, they would have known about the injuries. How to Start Fighting for Grandparents’ Rights in Texas. The girls were later returned to their mother after she testified to leaving Castaneda, her boyfriend. They same with me, cos tore my family up I have one that’s in a mental institution as he is only 11 years of age and the other in a group home, she ran away, she could be dead somewhere, cos is evil, they was with me grandma and grandpa, had there own rooms was so happy, doing good in school, my daughter and son-in- law came by and saw them for 10 minutes and that gave them an excuse for taking them away, I was right there nothing was going to happen, and what my daughter did was not even bad, they never spanked their children, they had a drug problem for a short time cps would not give them a chance to go to rehab, the cps worker did not like us, she said so, she said that she was going to make our life’s living hell and she did, she was jealous because we had money and nice homes, to bad I could not of tape recorded her, they would have had to dropped it if that could have happened, now I can see cos taken children away if their badly abuses but mine your not and now their messes up for life, we grandparents need to do something this, we need to straighten these states out on this, there messing up lives. Grandparents cannot file for visitation rights while the child's parents are married unless specific conditions are met. And all i’ve ever done is love nd take care of them. by: Grandparents Rights; recipient: Attorney General Bruce Griffin CPS/DES,CASA; I am a grandmother from Pennsylvania who is fighting CPS in AZ. Well, he received a second black eye when a toy was being thrown into a toy box. Whether you are a parent, a grandparent, or someone who cares about children, Fighting CPS will open your eyes to the dysfunction within a system intended to help and protect children. Even if you are investigated – and even if the allegations are deemed unfounded – you may be able to get some valuable help from this agency! For more than 20 years, Schreier & Housewirth have served as CPS Lawyers, representing hundreds of clients in CPS cases. But still, she will have to work to support herself and the children, and maintain a home. Someone told CPS that I do drugs in front of the baby, get in fights in front of her, and I have gone to a mental hospital. first, do not believe them when they say you are unfit. Asap. They had me request kinship guardianship, and 2 days after I got back denied me. and then they obtained 4 more the same day fir things they allegedly found while searching allying all he is facing 12 charges all class 1, 2, and3 felonies so now I cant,get kinship care for thegrand babies I did have them dorm three months,then they fave them back to there mom then all this happened and they took them back from there mom. . I hope you’ll be able to develop a strategy that works in your case. The grandparents of an infant who is recovering from grueling physical and sexual abuse injuries are fighting child welfare workers in court for custody of the girl. However, anyone who has an ongoing relationship with the child, or any other person who can show that they are concerned with the care, welfare or development of a child (including grandparents) may apply to the Court for Parenting Orders. They want to keep the case in one county, apparently. Deborah Dean. "The physical therapist told the caseworker that (the baby) is her best patient. They have even place other foster kids into our home . As were all of my family friends and neighbors, my home was not unsafe. I was supposed to be adopting them back they were supposed to be doing all the paperwork but they didn’t give me any information or paperwork on me adopting them. In NC, grandparents have limited rights to seek visitation or custody of their grandchildren. If a grandpa… Ideally, with their mom, of course! If you can’t get custody back, please try to be on friendly basis with whoever has them so you can visit. She is scared and in trouble because she ran a daycare & had it taken away, also she apparently drinks and smokes while caring for children and not to mention, a day care baby died in her care. As a relative, grandparents have the legal right to be notified if CPS plans to remove a child. Nobody needs to agree with me. However, a lot of people do agree – most of them, because they’ve had children taken from their families by this over-active, family-destroying government agency. They removed that beautiful young girl from the family she loved and placed her with a lesbian couple for adoption. Hi, precious grandmother. Of course they can. CPS is the ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN FAMILY, they are doing MORE HARM THAN GOOD. Her 14 month old half sister (in her mother’s care) was already placed in foster care 2 months prior. CPS told my daughter I was unfit to be their grandmother. Grandparents against CPS. superior court of pa - appeal of mother re custody of child to grandparents, where child desired; 2003 pa super 364; 833 a.2d 767; 2003 pa. super. The nature of the application for contact. Grandparents do not have an automatic right to have a relationship with a grandchild. I’m trying to learn it all, but i’m running out of time. Her parents, Ivan Castaneda, 22, and Donna Marie Norman, 19, are awaiting trial on charges of injury to a child and remain jailed. I’m afraid if I fight this I will also lose visitation rights and won’t see him until he is 18. They removed all the children that afternoon after school. I been getting a run around. James Kincade, the Norman's attorney, said it's unfair for CPS to make assumptions.

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